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Marina Yacht Park

ul. Arkadiusza Rybickiego 4c, 81-340 Gdynia


E-mail: officeatmarinayachtpark [dot] pl


Tomasz Dybek -  Manager

tomasz [dot] dybekatdalmor [dot] pl 

tel. +48 603 921 762


Tomasz Rózga - Customer Service Specialist

tomasz [dot] rozgaatdalmor [dot] pl

tel. +48 785 557 777



tel. +48 501 015 801



Marina Yacht Park is open all year round in summer and winter season:

  • SUMMER SEASON: from May 1 to October 31
  • WINTER SEASON: from November 1 to April 30


Due to the high volume of events and traffic at the Yacht Park Marina, we ask that you plan your stopover here in advance. You can find the parking form in the "PRICE" tab on our website. This will allow us to prepare the best possible berth for your vessel.

Marina Yacht Park is located in the President Basin located within the Gdynia Sea Port. Entrance to the "Marina Yacht Park" is possible through the South entrance, with the following rules to be observed:

  • Radio call "Marina Yacht Park" or "Yacht Park" itself on the 12VHF channel is also to make contact with the Petty Officer of the Marina Yacht Park, who will indicate the place in the Marina.
  • Before entering the marina, it is mandatory to drop the sails. Entry and exit is done while the engine is running.
  • The marina has a speed limit of 3 knots (5km/h) and right-hand traffic.
  • During entry/exit, pay special attention to the maneuvering of privileged vessels (passenger ships, vessels with limited maneuverability).

To avoid interference on the 12VHF channel, the Bosman will point to another working channel (usually VHF channel 20) to determine the details of the stop.

If you do not have a radiotelephone, you can contact the harbour master via Marina's telephone number shown on the website: +48 785 557 777. Marina Yacht Park's harbour master is available to sailors 24 hours a day and will be happy to provide support and assistance.


You are welcome to contact us.